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Chef Kenneth Williams 


ABOUT Chef Kenneth Williams 

Gaining his culinary education at the sophisticated Johnson & Wales University with an Associate’s in Culinary Arts (2009) as well as a Bachelor Degree in food service Management, Kenneth set his mind on following his eagerness to cook and serve by establishing his catering business. 


Cooking tasteful food has always been his passion. He has been the family cook since he can ever remember. So, in a bid to quench his insatiable passion for catering and cooking, he formed his catering company in 2019; Kenneth Williams Catering. It features his fabulous inspired techniques mixings savory, sweet and spicy authentic ingredients. His business now extends to event and wedding catering, private chef services and meal preparations. For Kenneth great food requires great care and he brings that philosophy to every single dish he creates. That is why, he always delivers not only exquisitely made but also beautifully prepared dishes as clients eat with their eyes first. 

No matter what your budget and needs are, Kenneth focuses on flavor and freshness first before combining authentic ingredients in ways that reflect our creative flair. He is known for his innovative menu and exciting cuisine that successfully pairs amazing flavors with delightful textures. No worries, at Kenneth Williams Catering you can have a mouth-watering custom that can delight the senses. From vegan, vegetarian, celiac-friendly, plant-based, Kenneth will be thrilled to accommodate. Overall, Kenneth believes that cooking is the sweetest way to celebrate, nurture relationships, feel gratitude for life and mend conflicts.

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